BUS 2033- Williams & Jones

You are being asked by your Professor to write a report that examines the social customs, family life, attitudes, religions, education and values of an Asian, Latin American, or European country where English is not regularly spoken.

To assist you with this assignment, we pooled together some resources.

Country Overviews:

First, when you need a general overview of a particular country (the economic, legal, political, cultural, etc), a reference source is the best place you can start. Sources such as a general encyclopedia (available in the Reference area on the first floor) will provide you with basic information.

The Europa World Year Book is an excellent source for political and economic information plus recent history, government, economic affairs, etc.

You may also want to look at the World Bank website. This website will not only provide country profiles but also a “Data and Research” portion that will give you access to key statistics and information and analysis on global trends in today’s economy.

Yet another source is the business database Business Source Premier, which offers country (and company!) reports that will provide you with important key information. To search for a country report, just do a simple keyword search for your country such as “India” then in your search results look to the left side menu and hit the arrow for “Publication” then check the box for “Country Report” then hit update.

Where in Business Source Premier to check for "country report"

Other invaluable resources are the Library’s subscriptions to Country Watchand CultureGrams Online.

Website Screenshot and where to find Country Watch and Culture GramsRemember! If you are accessing any of the Library’s resources from off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MineOnline/ANGEL username and password.


When you need specific information about the cultural makeup and the culturally-correct ways of doing business within a particular country, you might want to search our catalog for relevant titles.

Remember in addition to keyword searches, you can also do Subject searches in the catalog such as

Intercultural Communication

Manners and Customs

National Characteristics

For example:

Say you are interested in expanding your natural gas business in Russia. Before you meet with your future Russian colleagues, it may benefit you to know more than some “thing” about Russian culture, life, literature, etc.

Thus, if we visited the library catalog and entered the following keywords: Russia and culture

We would come up with a listing of different materials (books, dvds, etc.) dealing with Russia and culture.

One book I highly recommend about business culture and  etiquette abroad is Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands which is available  on Course Reserve.  Just ask for it at the Circulation desk, it will  check out for 2 hours in-Library.  This title will give you country  background information, cultural orientation information,  business practices, protocols, etc.

Other books of interest that might assist you with your research are:

The Encyclopedia of World Cultures

Working With Cultural Differences: Dealing Effectively With Diversity in the Workplace

The Sage Handbook of International Marketing

You might also check out the U.S. Department of State’s Doing Business in International Markets page.

There’s also the website http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/ which provides you with Global Etiquette Guides and Culture Quizzes (just look towards the bottom of the website).

Still craving more?  Than you may want to look at this research guide put together by the Library of Congress on International Business and Economic Resources.

Finally, please remember, if you’re ever at a loss as to where to turn to find your information, you can chat and/or text with a Reference librarian online, email us, call us (405-974-2878) or visit us in person at the Library Assistance desk on the first floor of the Library.

Thank you,

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