What’s Your Reality?

What makes you scared at night? Is it the lone wolf howling at the full moon? Or things that go bump in the night? Do you read vampire books and find yourself startling at shadows? Is there a bogey man lying in wait for you under the bed or in the closet?

Well often times reality is far more scarier than fiction. This month’s table features true crimes. Murders prevail on the table. Why don’t you come in a get a book for your Fall Break?  Perhaps you might be able to identify the body outlined on our table. Look closely because it’s there. On the table is a smattering of fiction and non-fiction books alike. I read Intensity, by Dean Koontz. It gave me nightmares and the willies for months afterwards. It didn’t have a single monster in it. Just a man consumed with… I was going to say hate but it wasn’t even hate. It was just a really twisted sense of entitlement. Give me monsters; werewolves and vampires; witches and wizards I can deal with that but sometimes it’s what man does to man, that terrifies.

Guest post by MaryGrace Berkowitz, Cataloger/Reference Librarian


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