Overdrive iPhone app– Step by Step

Hey all,

If you have any questions about Overdrive, it apps or more… Please see our Overdrive help guide here: http://libguides.occc.edu/overdrive

If you have further questions about Overdrive, let us know so we can update our FAQ! Just either email library@0ccc.edu or call us at 405-682-1611 Ext. 7251.

Help tabs on Overdrive guide
If you’re using an iPhone or iPod touch to access Overdrive, the following steps may be helpful. Main thing is to search for the library (once the app is downloaded) by zip code– 73159.

The Overdrive App for iPhone

Step 1: In the App Store, do a search for Overdrive. You should see a result that reads “overdrive media console- library…” Select this app.

Step 2: Once installed, simply click on your Overdrive app to load the Overdrive Media Console. You will be prompted to, at first, download some files. Please do so.

Step 3: In addition, you will need to authorize your app with your Adobe ID. If you do not have an Adobe ID, simply click the “Register at Adobe.com” link.

Step 4: After authorizing your device, you will then be lead to an “Add a Library” screen. Simply click the green plus sign and do a zip code search for OCCC (73159).

Step 5: To set the OCCC Library as your main Overdrive Library, make sure to tap on the star and make it gold. This is will save OCCC as your Overdrive Library.

Step 6: Next, just tap on the Oklahoma City Community College > and you will be lead to the OCCC Overdrive eLibrary. You might want to, at this point, log in. To do so tap on the “Login” in the grey area.

Step 7: After you hit login, you will have a series of screens and clicks before you are taken to the usual off campus Library login screen where you will sign in with your OCCC email/MineOnline/ANGEL username and password.

Step 8: Now that you are logged in, you can now browse and download eBooks and eAudioBooks.

Once you have found a title, scroll down until you see “add to eCart,” tap this then you have a “Proceed to Checkout” then finally a “Confirm checkout”. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.

Step 9: Once you have confirmed your checkout, your item will then load to your bookshelf to download. When it has downloaded tap on the left side of the title (the right side “>” will lead you to details about the item)

and you are officially reading an eBook on your iPhone!

The process is basically the same for the eAudioBooks that are MP3s.


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