On the second day of August, the Library gave you…

eBooks and


Screenshot of OCCC Overdrive Browse

Our new eBook and eAudioBook service from Overdrive is live!

Feel free to start browsing and downloading! Simply visit http://occc.lib.overdrive.com

You will need to provide your OCCC email/MineOnline/ANGEL username and password when you’re ready to “check out”.

Software: The software needed for Overdrive titles will be the OverDrive® Media Console for audiobooks and Adobe® Digital Editions for ebooks. If you do not have the software currently on your computer, you will be able to download each when completing your e-transcation.

How do I: Need a little help with your Overdrive transaction?

You can follow Overdrive’s Download Digital Books & more tutorial at http://www.overdrive.com/Solutions/Libraries/tour/MenuWelcome.html

Or, note the “Getting Started” area on the right of the main screen within Overdrive. This will answer some frequently asked questions and guide you through the browse and download process.

Oh, and: Because of these things called digital rights, copyright, publishers (and this is Amanda Elizabeth Lemon typing so you can come after her for this sentence 😉 )…  You cannot use our public access computers (i.e. the library computers on the 1st floor or the Computer Lab computers on the 3rd floor) to download titles. Sorry! You can of course browse titles but you will need to be at a personal computer to download e-titles. 

Screenshot of the Getting Started area in Overdrive

Finally: Right now, we’re doing a “soft launch”… Think of it like a Google+ beta invite for our blog and Facebook fans! (because we like that you “like” us 😉 )… so there is no direct link on our Library website for Overdrive but there will be soon…

So give it a go and let us know what you think!

We’re excited!
OCCC Library


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  1. […] Overdrive has various supported apps that you can utilize to read your eBook selections on your smartphone. Image found at Overdrive.com […]

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