In response to Pioneer article “eBooks Added to Fall Library Catalog”

To Whom It May Concern:

An article entitled “eBooks Added to Fall Library Catalog” published by the Pioneer Student Newspaper on Friday, July 15th unfortunately contained much misinformation in regards to our upcoming ebook collection with the vendor Overdrive.

As of today, July 15, 2011, we do not have an official launch date for our Overdrive service. The service will be coming out in August but we never expressed a firm August 1st launch date. When the Library does have an official launch date we will announce it through the proper channels.

In addition, Overdrive, our new eBook vendor does not own NetLibrary or vice versa. NetLibrary and Overdrive are two competing eBook vendors. The article should have highlighted that beginning sometime in August the Library will launch a new ebook digital collection with Overdrive. This new collection will focus on leisure reading with many fiction titles but will also contain some nonfiction titles, biographies, etc. The collection will be a mix of both ebooks and eaudiobooks but the collection will focus more on ebooks.

When students, in the future, visit the Library website ( there will be a link to Overdrive that will allow students to browse the collection then add titles to their Overdrive eCarts then eventually transfer to their personal e-devices.

The Pioneer article mentioned that Microsoft Silverlight would be needed, this is incorrect. The only software needed for Overdrive titles will be the OverDrive® Media Console for audiobooks and Adobe® Digital Editions for ebooks.

Finally, while Overdrive is in talks with Amazon to allow Overdrive ebook titles to download to Kindles, the deal is still in development.  When the deal is solidified and the service is available, the Library will announce details.

In regards to NetLibrary, the Library has had NetLibrary ebooks for at least 10 years.  They are all scholarly titles and are available in the Library catalog.

For more information regarding ebooks or Overdrive, please contact Amanda Lemon, Electronic Services/Reference Librarian, at 405-682-1611, ext. 7416 or

Respectfully submitted,
The OCCC Library


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