Because life and libraries don’t always have to be serious…

a little vintage by Flickr user uneduex (Sorry! She doesn't work in the OCCC Library.)

There’s a search on! For America’s Most Glamorous…


According to the website, Dressed Her Days Vintage, hosting the competition:

We’re calling on librarians (and patrons) everywhere to nominate their most fashion-forward librarian. (Yes, you can nominate yourself!) Send us (or link to) a photo of your nominee, along with a few sentences about what makes them great. We’ll combine your nominees with all the candidates we find at ALA’s 2011 conference in New Orleans and let our Facebook followers choose the winner. The deadline for nominations is July 30, but please don’t delay. We’ll be adding your candidates (and ours) daily starting July 1.

So really, there are two ways to play:

1) Guess the number of fashion-forward librarians I can photograph in three days at the ALA conference and comment here or on our Facebook page. We’ll select a winner July 1.

2) Nominate your library’s candidate for America’s Most Glamorous Librarian. Share your nominees by commenting with a link to your photo/post, e-mailing us @, or simply posting your photo/post on our Facebook page. This competition ends July 30.

So, if you feel compelled to (self)nominate, or not… Or, you just want to watch a bunch of Librarians label themselves “glamorous” so you can submit them to

Now, it’s on your radar!

For more information, please see:


2 Responses to Because life and libraries don’t always have to be serious…

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks for highlighting the contest! We’re having so much fun!

  2. occclibrary says:

    Thank you for having the contest!

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