“Does the Library have my textbook?”

Yes, the Library has SOME of your textbooks in the Library.

To see if the Library has your textbook, first visit our website at library.occc.edu

Note the “Find Books” area (upper left-hand corner) and click on the first link for “OCCC Library Catalog“.

OCCC Library Catalog link

Here, you can do a title search by dropping the drop-down menu on the right side to “title”.

You should have the title of your textbook on your class’ syllabus so just type it in!

Once you have completed your search, if we have your textbook, it should come up in the results.

More than likely, if it is a current textbook you will see in the “location” area on the book’s item information page that the “item is behind the Circulation Desk”

Books that are behind the Circulation desk need to be asked for at the Circulation desk 😉

Just walk up to the desk (have your student id ready!) and ask the Circulation Assistant for your textbook by title or course.

The item will then check out to you in-Library (sorry, can’t take it home!) for 2 hours.

BUT… Remember that we have that cool new book scanner so you can scan the chapters you need to read and email them to yourself or save them to your flashdrive.

Should you have any questions about this, please Ask!


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