Now you can find streaming videos through our online catalog!

Awhile back, we told you about our new online streaming videos database Films on Demand. The academic-minded NetFlix 🙂

Well, now when you do a search in our online catalog for ebooks, books, DVDs and so forth you can also search for online streaming videos from Films on Demand!

It’s simple! Simply visit and in the Find Books, etc. area click on the link for OCCC Library Catalog. Once on the catalog’s search page, note the link for Advanced Search.

Now, on the advanced search page, scroll to the bottom search limiters and choose “ONLINEFILM” as your type

then enter your keyword(s) up at the top et…

Voila! You, now, should only have search results that are online streaming films from Films on Demand.

Once in your search results, simply click on the red details button located to the left of the items’ search results information and when on the page for the item itself, simply click the url link

and you’re now watching a film on demand 🙂

**If you are off campus– When you click on the url link in the library catalog, you will be prompted to enter your OCCC email/ANGEL/Mineonline user-name and password to confirm your status as an OCCC student, faculty or staff member.**

Any questions? Just ask!


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