It’s that time of year…

Spring 2009 Yard by Flickr user djfrantic

The sun is out, the trees are swaying and the birds are chirping at you to join them in the sunny weather but…

You’ve got a (or maybe three) papers due not to mention your other classes, your job, your family, your girlfriend, your…

It’s all piling up and you’re procrastinating.

So, what to do?

Stop procrastinating! How?


Book cover for The procrastinator's guide to getting things done

BF637 .P76 B37 2010, 2nd Floor




Clinical psychologist Basco offers a concise and motivating guide that will help procrastinators change their self-defeating behavior. Through quizzes, exercises, tips, and shortcuts, Basco expertly assesses why procrastinators postpone doing undesirable tasks, evade anxiety-ridden but necessary communication with significant others, and even delay deciding on menial decisions like what color to paint the living room…” –Deborah Bigelow, Leonia P.L., NJ (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information


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