Infiltrating the Main Building… With our book cart.

Well, “infiltrating” might be too harsh of a word as we’re not crossing enemy lines here… We’re simply just bringing over some library “schtuff” to you all in the Main Building!

Look for a library table near the coffeeshop in the Main Building this coming Monday through Thursday (January 24th through the 27th) from 11am to 1pm.

Just think in this order:

  • get out of class,
  • get coffee,
  • visit Library table,
  • sit down and enjoy coffee and library item!

Book carts by Flickr user shindohd

We will have our table and book cart filled with fun, relevant, interesting, etc.,etc. book titles and audiobooks we think you might like to peruse, read and check out! Just make sure you have your OCCC  id handy and we get you your item right then and there.

And, who knows, we might have other goodies as well BUT…

You’ll only know if you stop by and say “HI!”

See you on Monday!!


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