The best part about libraries…

They’re free!

Can you walk in and out of a Barnes and Nobles with a book in hand without paying any cash?

Well, yes, but then we might find you in listed in the court dockets of OSCN for petty theft.


At our Library, you can come in, find what you need, check that material out, return it when you’re done and the cost to you? Nadda.

If you’re an OCCC student, faculty or staff member, just present your OCCC id when checking out at the Circulation desk!

If you’re not an OCCC student, faculty or staff member… Our Library is ultra cool in the fact that we also allow community users to check out our items. As per the Library’s Circulation policy:

Non-students 16 and older may apply for a courtesy card by presenting a valid driver’s license or any other State or Federal picture ID. If the picture ID does not have the correct current address, the applicant must provide validation of the current address, such as a recent utility bill. Applicants must reside in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area.

So see! No need to cut books out of their covers or rip call numbers and barcodes off in hopes of “petty theft”-ing from us because…

We’re free!

And if you used your time not calculating how to dash through the security gates with your stolen library book, you might witness the special and unique moments that libraries always provide such as…

Now, we need to go and practice our Single Ladies chair dance rendition.


2 Responses to The best part about libraries…

  1. Dan Berkowitz says:

    That was great!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping I hadn’t missed any excitement at the library.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve actually caught people doing this in our library. Dancing to a different song but still dancing and lip syncing along.

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