hide your kids, hide your wife…

As the Library is now infiltrating your bathroom stalls.

Photo by Flickr member Aaron Landry

Have no clue what we’re talking about?

Then, you need to visit the restrooms on the 1st and 2nd floors on the Library for some Dear Marion.


8 Responses to hide your kids, hide your wife…

  1. Comm Lab says:

    Are you guys the bathroom intruders now?

  2. occclibrary says:

    We intrude lightly and also serve as spare toilet paper should anyone run out…

    And, we’re completely kidding about the last part of the line and if anything attempts that…

    Marion will find you.

  3. Aaron says:

    Never would have guessed my photo would be used in this way… ha! Dare to clue me in what’s going on? Or do I want to know?

  4. occclibrary says:

    We’re sorry. We found your photo through a creative commons search on Flickr. If you want, we can take it down. We used it to promote a “Dear Anne” type Library question/answer feature. Nothing bad, we swear!

  5. Aaron says:

    HAhaha don’t worry, you’re using the photo within it’s license. I’m happy it’s used for various purposes. I’m just curious what it all means!

  6. […] Want more? Just visit any restroom stall on the first or second floor of the Library… Seriously, we’re not kidding. […]

  7. occclibrary says:

    https://occclibrary.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/have-you-met-marion/ We hope we don’t disappoint you too much here Aaron but here’s who your picture was advertising 🙂

  8. Aaron says:

    I’m into her type. Not disappointed. I’ll sneak in next time I’m in OKC.

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