Tomorrow’s to-do: VOTE!!!!!

Election day is tomorrow– Tuesday, November 2nd at a voting booth near you!


Theresa Thompson’s VOTE (Flickr)

Theresa Thompson’s VOTE (Flickr)


To make sure you’re well-informed when you cast your vote, please consider the following links.

Not sure where to vote?  Or, if you can vote?

Check out the Oklahoma State Election Board’s “Find Your Polling Place” search: And, if you’re curious about whether you can or cannot vote, please see

State Questions:

You’ve probably seen numerous television commercials regarding State Question 744 (the state question that deals with making an amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution and funding public education) but did you know there are about ten other states questions on the November 2nd ballot? The text for all the state questions (744, 746, 747, etc.) can be found here:

Not sure who the candidates are?

Check out this official “Candidates for the Official November 2nd Election” PDF from, again, the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Or, the Oklahoman’s Election 2010 page to search by County and find detailed profiles about each of the candidates.

Maybe,’s Election Center:

And, finally, Project Vote Smart’s website that details information about candidates, Congress, and politics. You can also locate your representatives by zip code

And, of course, should you have any specific questions– Just Ask!


One Response to Tomorrow’s to-do: VOTE!!!!!

  1. Andrew Keepers-Phillips says:

    Also, if you work for college (or any other state entity) you may be eligible for paid time off to vote. If you work for OCCC you can check [pdf] to see if you qualify.

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