Wanna win free food and/or coffee??? Tell us what you think about eBooks/eAudioBooks

I, for one, never pass up free food or coffee.

And, neither should you!

Simply visit the Library’s website (http://www.occc.edu/library/) and click on the “eBooks/eAudioBooks Survey! Win a prize!!” link in the upper left-hand corner and fill out the survey.

eBooks/eAudioBooks Survey!

At the very end, enter your personal information (name, OCCC email) and you’ll be entered into our drawing for two OCCC Food Service gift certificates (both valued at $25).

How simple is that? You just tell us how you feel about eBooks and eAudioBooks and we (maybe) reward you with free food and coffee (those $25 gift certificates).

And, of course, you’re helping us better understand what you want in regards to eBooks and eAudioBooks so…

Go to the survey now!!!!!

Oh, and you must be an OCCC student, faculty member or staff member (with an active OCCC email address) to win!

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