Altered Books Exhibit @ [Artspace] at Untitled

Doug Beube, Border Crossing 2006, altered atlas ([Artspace] at Untitled)

Doug Beube, Border Crossing, 2006

We saw this upcoming exhibit and thought we needed to share!

Starting July 9th through October the 9th, [Artspace] at Untitled will premier the exhibition Altered Books.

What is an altered book?  Well, according to Vintage Image Craft‘s Craft Glossary, an altered book is “a found book, embellished through collaging, stamping, or other decoration to express an artistic idea or narrative”.

From [Artspace] at Untitled‘s page:

[Artspace] at Untitled will premier the exhibition Altered Books with an opening reception on July 9th from 5 – 8pm. On view through October 9, it will feature book art by artists from across the United States and Canada. Complimenting the exhibit will be a selection of vintage photographs from the Photographic Society of America collection featuring books. In conjunction with the show, exhibiting artist Doug Beube will give a lecture entitled Doug Beube: Biblioclast; Piercing the Veil of Knowledge in Oklahoma on July 8 at 6pm. The lecture and opening reception are both free and open to the public.

For more information, please see

And, while we encourage you to visit the altered books exhibitition…

We do not encourage you to alter any of our lovely books.



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