“Ultimate Standings” in U.S. Presidents (according to Siena College)

Siena College Research Institute in New York has released the results of its fifth Presidential Expert poll. For their polls, they surveyed 238 presidential scholars, historians and political scientists.

All U.S. Presidents were ranked in terms of background, intelligence, integrity, luck, imagination and so forth.

Our current U.S. President, President Barack Obama, debuted at 15th in the poll.  While former President Franklin D. Roosevelt ranked first.

Curious where some other Presidents fell? For more information about the Siena College Presidential Expert poll, their methodology and results visit: http://www.siena.edu/pages/179.asp?item=2566

So why not celebrate this weekend of Independence and United States history by catching up on some materials about our former (and current) Presidents that helped shape our Nation!

Simply turn to the Library’s Catalog and do a subject search over your desired President. Just remember to hit the drop-down box on subject and to enter your President’s name Library-wise J

Example: To find books about President Barack Obama, enter– Obama, Barack

Subject Search Screenshot


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