Use that iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to read. For Free!

Wanting to use your i-device for more than just texting, twittering and facebooking?

Well consider making it a free ebook reader/audiobook player with these two free apps from the iTunes store.

Staza App Screenshot

Stanza not only has over 50,000+ contemporary works (you gotta pay for those! Sorry!) but they also have 50,000+ FREE classic works!

So instead of lollygagging around between your classes or while your waiting for your coffee to brew at the Coffee Shop, pull out that phone and start reading!

Maybe you’re more a listener than a reader?

Well, there’s an app for that called Audiobooks that has 2,800 classic audiobooks for FREE.

Have a long car ride ahead of you? Just pop your iPod/iTouch/iPad into its holder and listen to someone else read you Robert Stevenson’s Treasure Island.


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